Here is a list of my science communication articles.
Why we’re adding Black Mathematician Month to our calendars
The Guardian, October 2017

In conversation with Andrea Bertozzi
Chalkdust Issue 04, Autumn 2016

Fractional calculus: the calculus of witchcraft and wizardry
Chalkdust, Issue 03, Spring 2016

In conversation with Artur Avila
Chalkdust, Issue 02, Autumn 2015

Music playlists, Facebook and Twitter
Chalkdust, Issue 01, Spring 2015

You got tangled on a network! (Spanish)
Laberintos e Infinitos, 33, Winter 2013

Lorenz, Gini and far too many crimes (Spanish)
Laberintos e Infinitos, 28, Summer 2012

If you want to become a millionaire(Spanish)
Laberintos e Infinitos, 25, Spring 2011

Science behind a football (Spanish)
With Claudia Gómez Wulshner, Laberintos e Infinitos, 18, Summer 2009

The calendar is not so uniform nor so universal (Spanish)
Laberintos e Infinitos, 15, Winter 2008