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A person’s perception of the level of security at a specific location depends on many factors, including past experiences in that location, the actual crime suffered by the population and more. Thus, when the individual perception that a location is insecure becomes the general rule is when the perception of security becomes an attribute of the region rather than the fears of some of its individuals, hence the relevance of aggregating individual perceptions of security into a single regional perception of security. Residents of two different regions, which have the same levels of crime, of a similar nature, may have different perceptions of the level of security. The perception of security associated with a particular place is relevant by itself but is much more useful when compared to the perception of other regions or when the perception changes over time and hence a ranking of the perception levels from different places would be a useful tool. A metric is suggested here to determine first the regional perception of security from a location and then to quantify its relationship with different victimisation rates. We quantify the relationship between the perception of security and different victimisation rates, based on data obtained from Mexico through victimisation surveys.

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